At our November 3rd meeting Chair Tianna DeLorenzo described this month as a quiet time.  Summer is over.  The leaves are falling.  It is time to look back and to reflect.   Reflection can be rejuvenating.  Embrace the quietness  and slow down after the busy activities of the summer months.

The District 86 fall conference will be held in Niagara Falls from November 25 to November 27.  We are pleased to note that Mike Proudlock will be offering a presentation on preparing for the Table Topics contest.  Gemma Duley will be leading a workshop on coaching.  In preparation, she presented an excerpt of her presentation to us.  Gemma described coaching as growing individuals and helping them to become their best.  This is leadership.  We provided Gemma with out feedback and we know her workshop will be very well received.  She has clearly done much preparation.

We heard three speeches this evening, all from advanced manuals.  Zana Maksimovic is working from the Interpretive Reading manual and presented a monodrama.  In “The Scottish Immigrant”, she played the part of a young Scottish lass undergoing questioning by customs officers.  Zana nailed the Scottish accent and looked every inch a nervous newcomer trying to make a good impression.

Bart Burness played the part of a Toastmaster being interviewed by a radio host.  He made a convincing case for joining Toastmasters.  Ben Hayhoe helped by assuming the part of the radio interviewer.

Pat Burness rounded out the evening by teaching us how to play the recorder.  Pat can actually play this instrument which apparently has been with us for hundreds of years.

Zana was voted best speaker and Mike the best evaluator of the evening.  Ben Hayhoe was voted best Table Topics speaker.  Table Topics Master Laurie Stapleton chose a theme related to the topic of reflection.

Tianna ended the meeting by referring again to the theme of retreat and reflection.  Take time for reflection and remember that silence is powerful.

Thanks to our guest Tom and to all who helped with the meeting.  A special hello to those who brought the goodies for us to share at break time.

See you at our next meeting, November 17th.

Regards – Lorraine Van Wagner, DTM, Webmaster