Who knew you could craft a speech using one of those topics?  At our August 18th meeting, our members proved you can make a coherent and enjoyable speech out of just about anything you can imagine.  Tianna DeLorenzo spoke about the wonderful world of coffee and we learned something about this wonderful beverage.  It is interesting to note that in antiquity, people drank coffee to remain alert.  Nothing has changed.  If you don’t believe this, simply drop into any Tim Hortons.  Gemma Duley spoke about that other highly popular beverage, namely, tea.  There are so many varieties available to enjoy.  In his presentation, “A Just System”, Bart Burness noted that the United States has a very high rate of incarceration yet people don’t necessarily feel safer.  Mike Proudlock rounded out the prepared speeches with “They’re at the Post”.  He explained how to place a bet on a horse.  It is best to avoid a fat horse, a horse with stripes or a horse whose jockey is riding backwards.  Good to know Mike.  Great job speakers.  Mike was voted best speaker of the evening and Zana Maksimovic was voted best evaluator.

Pat Burness continued to help us prepare for the upcoming Humourous Speech contest.  At this meeting she presented an educational session entitled “Preparing and Practicing your Humourous Speech”.  There are many techniques you can use to create humour including metaphors, similes and hyperbole.  If you missed this meeting, see Pat and ask for a copy of “Creating your Humourous Speech”.

Thank you to all who helped by taking on dual roles tonight.  Thanks also to our chair Bart who doubled as Sergeant at Arms.  We are sad to report that Phil Coakley has resigned this position.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Phil.

Thanks to our guest Chantal.  We were happy to welcome you.  Minnie Grewal – thank you for bringing the fabulous samosas.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1st. See you then.

Best regards – Lorraine Van Wagner, DTM, Webmaster