School is in session again and that brings our thoughts to education and its inestimable value.  At our September 15th meeting, Chair Zana Maksimovic chose “education” and “erudite” as theme and word of the meeting.  “Erudite” is a fancy word for being informed.  On that note, Minnie Grewal, who gave the toast, told us about her grandfather who was born to a farming family.  This gentleman longed for a different kind of life and knew that education was the key to realizing his dreams.  He became a chief justice proving yet again that a good education will take you wherever you want to go.

Table Topics Master Mike Proudlock shared more of this thoughts on how to tackle a Table Topics contest.  As he did at our last meeting, he stressed that you can indeed prepare for this contest.  Have a structure in mind for your speech and look at different ways of approaching a topic.  Keep in mind that the last thing you say is what the judges remember.

Our club’s Humourous Speech and Table Topics contest will be held on September 29th with Lorraine Van Wagner as Chair and Mike Proudlock as Chief Judge.  We need folks to help by being ballot counters, judges and timers.  Let Lorraine know if you can help.  We would appreciate your participation.

We were entertained by three prepared speeches this evening.  Tianna DeLorenzo spoke about the “Glorious Autumn” while Bart Burness showed us how to negotiate a 200% raise in salary (don’t you wish?).  Zana Maksimovic brought the evening to full circle.  She chose education as theme of the meeting and in her presentation delivered excerpts of the wonderful Malala’s speech about education for every child.

We hate to talk about money but membership dues are due.  Treasurer Ben Hayhoe needs your cheque by September 30th.

Members present this evening voted Ben Hayhoe the best Table Topics speaker, Lorraine Van Wagner the best evaluator and Zana Maksimovic the best speaker.

A special hello and thank you to our guest Sylvia and to Jim DeCarolis for the box of yummy Tim Horton’s goodies.

See you at the club contest on September 29th.

Cheers and regards – Lorraine Van Wagner, DTM, Webmaster