Charter Archive

Chartered: Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club, Number 847686

Charter Date: May 17, 2006

Where Chartered: District 60, Division N, Area 31

Current Affiliation: District 86, Division M, Area 15
Note: District 60 was split as of July 1, 2008 and Bolton Banter inherited its current affiliation.

Speech Craft Organizer/Facilitator
Ronda Theaker, Towns of York, 1609

Club Sponsors
Anne Toner Fung, Towns of York, 1609
Eric Solowka, Talk of Allilston, 589834

Club Mentors
Carol Dowell, Towns of York, 1609
Theresa Murray, Talk of Allilston, 589834

Charter Members

David Adams Mary Anderson Andy Bauman
Eva Britton Terence Canestraro Jane Collier
Brendan Dineen Carol Dowell Minnie Grewal
Brenda Herman Eric Hoffman Sarah Houston
Andrew Hunt Val Koncan Jillian Lucas
Theresa Murray Shailesh Nair Eric Solowka
Anne Toner Fung Lorraine Van Wagner Lynn Wiegard