Our August 4th meeting, with Phil Coakley as chair, got us primed for the upcoming Humourous Speech and Table Topics contest, to be held on September 29th.  All members are encouraged to enter.  VP Education Pat Burness delivered a presentation entitled “What makes it funny?” to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a renowned stand up comedian to make people laugh.  She read from Woody Allan’s “Kidnapped” to make her point.  Woody noted that as soon as his parents realized he had been kidnapped, they “snapped to attention and rented my room”.  This is not the reaction one would expect proving that the unexpected creates laughs.  As the Table Topics Master, Pat asked us to describe a ludicrous situation in a store to show how real life twists can be very funny.  Ed Risi won the ribbon in this category by spinning a story about trying to bargain with a cashier in order to reduce the price of his grocery bill.  Fat chance that would be successful in real life!  Pat’s message was you too can be funny.  Everyday life is funny when you think about it.

Mike Proudlock added that speaking to people directly when delivering a speech is always a sound strategy.   Rather than saying, “who among you ?”,  say  “have you ever?”  The latter statement is far more direct.

We heard three additional presentations this evening.   Gemma Duley’s topic was coaching in Toastmasters.  Coaches are directive, they guide, excite and then delegate.   Zana Maksimovic  would really like a driverless car or “autonomous vehicle” to go out to the store and replenish her milk supply.  Bart Burness finished by urging us all to complete the leadership designations.  Well done everyone.  Gemma Duley was voted the speaker who best met her speech objectives and Mike Proudlock was voted best evaluator.

Thanks to all who participated this evening and also to those who brought goodies for us to share during the break.

See you again at our next meeting in August 18th.

Cheers and regards – Lorraine Van Wagner, DTM, Webmaster